Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. Tải Game

Mục Tải Game của Cổng game đổi thưởng Gamvip365.com chia sẻ tới bạn Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did… Hy vọng game thủ đang săn tìm cách tải game đã tìm được thông tin mình cần qua Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did..

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We found this weird motherboard at Computex last month. Let’s see if it was worth $100…

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40 thoughts on “Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. Tải Game

  1. real uncivil architect says:

    In hindsight, it does most certainly make sense to sell these older things to poorer countries, as it should make connectivity to and from those easier

  2. i_cant_fucking_find_a_good_name says:

    I found a 60$ set with 2 8gb ram and a E5 2620 V3 I'm going to put a radeon r7 250 2GB gpu for 130$ all together but I need a cpu fan for the lga 2011 v3

  3. SANTO says:

    Lmao they. Now tell you what chipsets they use ,, next week am buying x99 motherboard and a e5 2666v3 its using b85 chipset 🤣💔

  4. Phillip Thompson says:

    Im necro posting because i just had a client buy a scam build off ebay that would only work with the most basic of video cards, anything that needed all 16 PCI-E Lanes just wouldnt work. in researching this shitty motherboard i found this video these people are still doing the same scam.

  5. Marlene Stockton says:

    Water cooling is 99% wasted effort and money…no thank you. RGB is 'required' 99% of the time. We build about 12 system per month. (per Covid-19 time frame).

  6. Carl Taylor says:

    I picked up a Huanzhi (Probably spelled that wrong) X99-F8 to replace a Sabertooth X99 that got destroyed (Not getting into that here). Had many many stability issues. Blue Screened all the time. Never even tried overclocking it. Purchased it in order to salvage my CPU, RAM and M.2 drive since they were pretty expensive. Now have ordered an Asus ROG STRIX X99 Gaming hoping I can at least get a stable rig out of the hardware. Won't be going with cheap Chinese board again.

  7. X MARX THE BOX says:

    Were you able to remove the chip China uses to monitor and relay your info? DOD has been trying for about 2 decades. Security gap like a screen door on a submarine.

  8. Макс Соловьев says:

    Its good mb!
    My home server made in mb X99/2620v3/32-2133/512nvme2/6tb-hdd/gtx970 – fly is good!
    Best price and power

  9. Brendon Lau Chee Keong says:

    I bought a new afox motherboard LGA 775 cheapest at SGD$89 and this is my 4th motherboard and I am a light user play DOTA2, watching YouTube videos 1080p, surf internet, play old classic PC games, charging by usb 2 handphone, portable fan, AA/AAA batteries charger, power bank and Intel E8500 can use from feb2009 till now.

  10. lilv728 says:

    Lol I love that Linus took her at her word that they got those chipsets from Intel when she clearly either couldn't understand him well or just had no clue what she was talking about

  11. Tomos Halsey says:

    Wow I'm out of the loop I thought motherboards still had northbridges and southbridges. Guess it would make sense I'm using a decade old server motherboard, still skookum as hell though.

  12. NoMercyInc says:

    i wouldnt pay a fucking pesos to anything chinese. chinas a fuckin joke. if you gotta copy the rest of the world. you might be useless

  13. Reineke WF says:

    nvme is a pcie protocol and a part of the sas controler. so why not? but yea m.2 is a modern pcie connector but u.2 often find storage server or mini pcie are common mostly in older laptops.
    the problem todey with m.2 is how its connected. go it direct in the cpu or in the chipset and if chipset stay it pcie or goes in the sas controler or maybe cheaper in only a sata controler. for explaning the 3 options if its pcie either direct to the cpu or over the chipset its pcie so you can do what you want if it have a pcie protocol. thats mean you wanne wifi no problem grab one and stick it in or if you want a storage yea its only nvme. but if its go in the chipset to a sas controler wifi card may not work on it but storage you cann chose nvme or sata ssd with m.2 and the third option is the badest and cheapest one often in lowend mainbords or laptops it goes direct in the sata controler in your chipset so nvme does not work only sata. yea sata is fast but onli up to 6gbit and what it makes so bad it is shared bandwith and so of you have 2 sata drives one on the u.2 one on the normal sata your sata performance drops to the half or less depending of the temparatur and workload of the chipset. but the pcie direct to the cpu are a bad thing too some mainbords share these 4 lines with a pcie slot so if you stick your nvme in a m.2 one or half of one pcie slot not working animore
    sorry if some one think m.2 are limitless but these are the secrets what no manifacure will your tell but every thing have a limit and drawbacks. so open your eyes buying a mainbord or laptop and read the manuel before bying it and ignore the colored, distracting and missleading ads. be smart and inform you

  14. Boy Dolomite says:

    IMO, that retro-looking bios is more pleasant to the eyes than the soy -infested modern ones that gaymers prefer.

  15. Bread • 7.7 Billion Views • 1 Second Ago says:

    Linus: Can you tell me more about this motherboard?
    Rep: It can play the game
    Linus: i’m sold i really like the game

  16. Thiago Omine says:

    In south america we buy this kind of motherboard because all the mainstream processors are currently a little bit pricey, the e5's are kinda the best we can buy in a fair price even with the import taxes.

  17. Tant Roe-Biff says:

    Anyone done the maths on what a system based on this board would cost? Heh maybe I'll do it later this actually seems pretty cheap

  18. Brendan Anderson says:

    It's hilarious watching Linus question that rep when just reading the poster he already had more info on it then she did

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