Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari Clip Nóng

Mục Clip Nóng của chia sẻ tới bạn Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari. Hy vọng anh em đang săn tìm clip nóng, clip nong, lộ clip nóng, clip nóng tv đã tìm được thông tin mình cần qua Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari

How do we make sense of today’s political divisions? In a wide-ranging conversation full of insight, historian Yuval Harari places our current turmoil in a broader context, against the ongoing disruption of our technology, climate, media — even our notion of what humanity is for. This is the first of a series of TED Dialogues, seeking a thoughtful response to escalating political divisiveness. Make time (just over an hour) for this fascinating discussion between Harari and TED curator Chris Anderson.

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41 thoughts on “Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari Clip Nóng

  1. Mick Adams says:

    Very interesting and still relevant here in 2022.
    Shame thought that we have another intelligent person thinking that climate change is anything more than a political grift.

  2. yili zhu says:

    I can't help admiring the moderator Chris Anderson. His questions are so sharp, clear and timely to keep the discussion focused.

  3. Samuel W says:

    His being so well spoken really fell apart when the people who in the audience were intelligent and asked questions.

  4. Samuel W says:

    (My thought) When nations got bad many would flee to somewhere different and we see that seldom do people have the ability to change a government. So if a global government (which would logically draw the biggest career politicians who would likely 90% be psychopaths or narcissists as they are the greatest social manipulators) got out of hand (and with so many cultures likely no matter what happened some people group would feel this way) then where would people go? It would likely be in a constant state of civil war.
    In your house all your electrical circuits run to different breakers. That way when there's a problem with one circuit it doesn't shut down the entire house and everything. A faulty lamp doesn't defrost your freezer. One government could possibly and may not be able to help but being like a house all wired to one breaker.
    I think that no matter what system you have there's going to be flaws and there's no way around it. But allowing people to be themselves without the option of conquering other nations through alliances would probably be optimal.

  5. Yo Mapoule says:

    Visiblement TED semblent adorer les pire FDP de la planète. Après la promotion des pédos, voilà qu'ils invitent un gars dont le but est de transformer l'humain inconsommable.

  6. Tiffany Scott says:

    Satan surely knows how to pick them. Mold them, groom them, and use them to usher in the one world government, aka the beast system.

  7. Oren A says:

    Glabalism is the exterme side of nationalism. it's the same idea or story – we need some control from above to resolve issues.
    Both have proven in the past years to be harming more than helping people.
    There are many other better stories – for example – distributed colaboration, just like many elements in nature work – spread infromation and let each local community decide what is right and good for them.
    The fears of "global climate change or technological disruption" are not different than any other propaganda told in the past to justify global control.

  8. Diane Wach says:

    did i hear him right? ( ~25-29)
    did he predict we might need to acquiesce to government parallel to a Chinese dynasty to defeat climate change and the global effects of technology on people?
    this is going to be harder than COVID-19.

  9. Janak Jodhan says:

    Are homelessness, mental/physical challenges, malnutrition , wars and climate disturbances fixable with a more equal/equitable distribution of global wealth?
    What would effect more responsible/meaningful attitudes from humans to save our planet?

  10. Wild Weasel says:

    Wake. Up.

    Conditional freedom predicated on constant compliance with rolling government mandates is not good for a free people. Especially when enforced by overt government sanctioned discrimination, ideological segregation and blatant coercion using duplicitous language under a faulty premise where non compliance limits a free citizens ability to work, buy, sell, trade, travel, pursue an education or exercise any other other God-given inalienable rights.

    Then when seeing that it’s a global campaign in the face of world-wide protests that the media ignores wholesale while concurrently being sponsored by vaccine producers with no accountability or liability is absolutely Diabolical.

    Then there’s the masks:

    The absurd masks turn us into unwitting repeaters for a message we know to be false.

    When we wear one we are communicating , “you are a biohazard; I am a biohazard; we should be living in fear.”

    Shameful. Degrading. And worst of all…Child abuse.

    Then we are censored for raising the issue. That’s also Diabolical.

    Share this principle far and wide by any means, otherwise we will be getting played long into the future as unwitting repeaters in other self deprecating ways.

    Talk the mask off. Keep them off. Don’t force it on our children for goodness sake.
    Outlaw vaccine passports or tracking systems that limit us or our neighbor’s freedom.
    When we participate as individuals in such a system – we vet it, give it credence and building power against us and those we love; we become it.

    Never again.

  11. roberta peck says:

    Yuval is brilliant, yet he has grabbed the belief in global warming, without The necessary in-depth knowledge regarding earth science and sun systems in-depth enough

  12. Tran Nguyen says:

    Someone asked me where I come from ? I said that I come from humans and no religion. I dreamt one country without borders because this earth doesn’t belong to anyone. This ideology will reduce wars, hatred, racism and no theocracy.. ❤️

  13. Martin Ziet says:

    The fundamental problem with globalist thinking is brutal top-down bureaucracy that it boils down to. A slow, unforced, need-driven change has many more checkpoints and tuning opportunities, as humans have tremendous adaptive capacity. What globalists fail to grasp is that their heavy handed, often idiotic regulations (think lockdowns as a great example of utterly idiotic globalist policy) are misguided and often arrogant on the verge absurdity.

    A lot of their talking points are also based on empty virtue signalling and detachment from reality, veiled as care and foresight. Another problem is sacrificing the current "poor and unfortunate" to save the hypothetical future "poor and unfortunate" – here see the climate propaganda that undermines many poorer nation's ability to manufacture energy. It's a scary world with globalists in it, that's for sure, which is down to their arrogance and lust for power.

  14. David Z says:

    If you listen carefully, Yuval calls himself "a scientist" and talk about computers and technologies pretending to be an expert in these areas.. This lunatic is simply a liar. All he learned was history and he has no education in any technology. Even the leftist British newspaper The Guardian described Yuval's books as stupid ones.

  15. David Brown says:

    See he basically just said it right there in his first opening statements it's globalization is what they want one world order one world system One World Finance so the worst thing for them is nationalism a secure country secure border I mean we can see what they're doing with our border we can see what they're doing with our finances and inflation they're trying to destroy United States as fast as they can and that's why they're going after Trump as hard as they can cuz they know he's the roadblock to their Utopia dream of globalism the prophecies in the Bible have been predicting this from Daniels Ezekiel to Revelations read Revelations chapter 13 that is their final destination a one world leader we call him the Antichrist they're laying the groundwork right now all these globalists the w e f the billaburgers they've been trying to lay this ground work for years and they are succeeding the Prophecies of Revelation are coming about chapter 13 is being laid out right before our eyes wake up people this is really happening

  16. Fox says:

    This guy talks about how the US will fall behind in employment viability with new tech. That's hilarious. As someone who is actually in tech, people in the US are held to a much higher standard than other countries with performance. Tech guys from other countries aren't going to surpass us that easily that quickly because I work with these guys, and the US guys have always performed better. Like i said, this is simply because we hold each other to a higher standard here in the US and are required to have much more experience for an entry level job.

  17. Phill2K says:

    it's funny to me how internationalism is a concept that was created long before globalizm and is just utterly forgotten, because it tied into socialist thought

  18. Jason W. M says:

    The AI might not be conscious but that does not remove the threat. Nuclear weapons don't need to be conscious to annihilate billions. We may hope for the best but should be more prepared for the worst.

  19. Veder Georgiev says:

    Again and again and again the REAL , the main problem of humanity is the ''ELITE". There is a solution : Employee-owned companies. This can fix humanity problems , and imagine in our history if corporation was employee-owned . What will be the world. No worker will send his job to China for more profit for the TOP and many,many more.
    P.S. Our planet , society ,humanity have cancer . The vampire , pedo , psychopathic "Elite"

  20. eugeneaart says:

    Jack the Ripper is an innocent baby compared to Harari .. This one is already projecting his perversions on all of humanity, however, Bible said about it all !

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