How to Download ANY Chinese App (Douyin, Game for Peace, etc) Tải Game

Mục Tải Game của Cổng game đổi thưởng chia sẻ tới bạn How to Download ANY Chinese App (Douyin, Game for Peace, etc). Hy vọng game thủ đang săn tìm cách tải game đã tìm được thông tin mình cần qua How to Download ANY Chinese App (Douyin, Game for Peace, etc)

Tutorial on how to download any Chinese app in Android or iOS – watch the end for a list of reference words and how to find “lite” versions of popular Chinese apps!

0:00 || Intro
0:43 || Android Method #1 ~ via Baidu/百度
2:49 || Android Method #2 ~ via Tencent App Store/腾讯应用宝
4:58 || iOS Method #1
6:56 || Chinese Words Reference
7:26 || Finding “Lite” apps

I’ll show you the easy way to download Douyin (Chinese TikTok), Game for Peace, BiliBili, iQiyi and more!

**These methods should work for ALL versions of Android and iOS, but for your reference, the devices I used operate on Android 10 and iOS 14.

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49 thoughts on “How to Download ANY Chinese App (Douyin, Game for Peace, etc) Tải Game

  1. House of Nyli says:

    My problem is that douyin tiktok since Im not chinese so I want it to change it iinto english . Any idea how can I change it into english? Im using an iphone.

  2. totoy tv says:

    I'm from Philippines but my phone say I use the wrong region🌚🤨 my phone want to put other country number anyway I hope this thing work

  3. Robert Nitschke says:

    I would be careful about switching your apple store and icloud to China. If I am remembering correctly, that is what dictates whether your information is stored on a server in China by a "private company" there. At any time though, the Chinese government can request and access the information stored on those servers. The keys to decrypt that data is also stored in China. This was a very contentious issues recently because it appeared Apple was giving up the privacy of Chinese comsumers so they could stay in the market there.

  4. Nelsy Cordero says:

    ¿do you know how to make an account on douyin? i was able to download but can’t seem to make an account. it asks for a chinese phone number 🙁

  5. fahmi walang says:

    Bro can i know is it other way to enter game based on chinese server that require id or chinese number +86? I can download the game but it need that number phone or id of chinese ..

  6. Sheen Delute says:

    i have idea install the english reference and translate all chinese android market to english summarize and liable for update cool🥳

  7. Born Dead says:

    @Please help im using AppChina i try to download Re 1994 escape again by pressing bottom button but nothing happening.

  8. Silvius Oracle says:

    When I try to download an app it tells me this account can’t be used in the Chinese store. Is there to bypass that?

  9. Gordon Ramsay says:

    also a general rule of thumb if you dont understand what to press: UI is made so that the more obvious buttons like the ones with a brighter color, bigger size etc. will be the ones they want you to press and most likely the ones that you need to press to do what you want

  10. BL.evryday says:

    In my country there is no Baidu app what should i do ……
    I only want Bilibili app but it's band in my country ….. can you please tell me something where should I download it?

  11. MOHAMMED says:

    Hello my friend, I finally found a Chinese who speaks English… Please help me… I am a fan of Chinese games, especially the game for peace. I am not Chinese, I am an Arab, and I live in an Arab country. I changed the Apple store to China, and I downloaded the game for peace and linked it. With my Wechat account, I documented the game with my passport, and the game is working perfectly. I have been playing it for about a year.. But I want to recharge within the game. I can’t because I do not have a MasterCard from a Chinese bank or Wechat Pay. I only have a MasterCard for the country in which I live.. Please help me in a way that I can recharge.. Or if you are in China, I can send you Chinese Apple Store cards and you ship the game to me

  12. MARY says:

    i have douyin also first im able to replied any comment or messege after update i cant able now douyin need chinese phone # but i dont have , so what can i do ?

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