Mục Tải Game của Cổng game đổi thưởng chia sẻ tới bạn AEA R88 MKII ON DRUMS (7 POSITIONS & NO TALKING). Hy vọng game thủ đang săn tìm cách tải game đã tìm được thông tin mình cần qua AEA R88 MKII ON DRUMS (7 POSITIONS & NO TALKING)

The AEA R88 mkII on drums. What a beast! This stereo ribbon microphone is my favourite microphone for almost everything. A very true sound. Nothing too much and nothing too less.. I used a little but of high end boost to let it breath a little bit.

This isn’t a sponsored video. Just me being hyped about a great microphone and looking angry just because I can…

0:00 Overhead low
01:09 Overhead high
02:10 Kick out
03:23 Kit Close
04:38 Kit 1 Meter
05:43 Kit 2 Meter
06:52 Room 6 Meter

DRUMS: Sonor Action 1970’s (without resonant heads)
14×5 Ludwig Acrolite snare (1976)

CYMBALS: Istanbul Agop
14” Signature hihat
20” Signature crash
21” Mel Lewis Ride (without the rivets)

– Microphone: AEA R88 mkII
– Triton Audio FetHead
– Ferrofish Pulse 16 converter
– RME Firefacer UFX+ interface
– DAW = Studio One

Drummer: Ruben van der Velde
Studio: Fields Studio (NL, Breda)

Video AEA R88 MKII ON DRUMS (7 POSITIONS & NO TALKING) có giúp các game thủ tìm được nội dung về clip nóng mà mình mong muốn? Bài viết AEA R88 MKII ON DRUMS (7 POSITIONS & NO TALKING) hiện có được 4685 view và 130 do đó mà Cổng game đổi thưởng tin là nó hữu ích với bạn.
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19 thoughts on “AEA R88 MKII ON DRUMS (7 POSITIONS & NO TALKING) Tải Game

  1. Matt Manna says:

    Thanks for this demo. I was wondering if they added more brightness to the MK2 version. What frequency did you boost at? Also what preamp did you use?

  2. RocketScienceAudioGroup says:

    Wow, awesome vid! Love it! Love the Kit Close position as well as the 1m position. Also as a overhead, this mic is great! Nice playing, nice comparison, thank you!

  3. brian boyd says:

    Thank you for sharing. This was fun!! I've been at this recording stuff for decades, with great success. But your video was refreshing , confirming that the player , the room , and a sweet mic like this is where its at. Very smart 🙂

  4. Nathan M says:

    Holy crap this is heavy as hell. Each position sounds fricking phenomenal. Beautiful sounding drums, room and mic. Love it!

  5. Ian Cogar says:

    This is one of the most demonstrative and instructive videos for using room mics on a drum set I've ever seen. Concise, no explanations, no fluff. Thanks for creating this.

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